The Right Tyre For Your Forklift

Leader In Off Road Productivity & Mobility

Solideal is a high-performance off-road tires and tracks for the material handling, Construction, Agricultural and powersport industries.

The Right Tire For Your Forklift

  • Best balance on every surface
  • 3 times more lift than standard tires
  • Support for a smoother ride
  • Full rubber footprint
  • Superb driving on hard surface

Hi-Performance Telehandler Tires

  • Solid Tyre with pneumatic comfort
  • 2 times more life expectancy
  • 50% more reliability
  • 50% more Traction performance
  • 15% more comfort

Solideal Solidair

Pneumatic comfort without compromise a solid tire with a unique aperture design prevents shock transfer to fragile or impact-sensitive loads. Provides operators with a more comfortable ride on uneven surfaces.